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Les primeurs de Massy

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Les Primeurs de Massy
Festival des Primeurs de Massy
Festival des Primeurs de Massy

A stage devoted to first albums!

Created in 1998, “Les Primeurs de Massy” is a festival during which emerging artists get to present their very first album. An unusually bold programme in terms of risks taken and artistic choices.

With the support of the Paul B cultural centre – Massy’s stage for the current music scene, the festival has become a key Autumn event and holds an important place in France’s cultural landscape as a discovery medium for the latest musical styles. Placing the spotlight on promising new talent, the festival has earned the recognition of the general public as well as the media and the music business itself.

A few famous names who started at Les Primeurs

Les Primeurs de Massy 2015. Ester RADA

Asaf Avidan, Lilly Wood and the Prick, Ben l’Oncle Soul, Naïve New Beaters, Skip the Use, Caravan Palace, Moriarty, Stuck In The Sound, Beat Assailant, Jeanne Cherhal, Camille,

Les Primeurs de Massy

Vincent Delerm, Alexis Hk, Patrice, La Grande Sophie, Sanseverino, Claire Diterzi, Dionysos and Tryo all performed at this festival which, every year, gives the curious audience a glimpse of artists to come.

Paul B

6 Allée de Québec                                                     91300 Massy


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