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Delve into the museum of one of the most prestigious schools in France.

Mur des bustes - Ecole polytechnique - Jeremy barande
Mur des bustes - Ecole polytechnique - Jeremy barande

“To understand a science it is necessary to know its history”, as the philosopher, Auguste Comte, said. 

In May 2018, “MUS’X”, a museum of 934 m², opened its doors at the prestigious school of engineering established in 1794, the Ecole Polytechnique. The chance to discover a rich collection of scientific instruments that’s sure to delight visitors and arouse their curiosity

Ecole polytechnique - Jeremy barande
Ecole polytechnique - Jeremy barande

Exhibited treasures

Indeed, over a period spanning more than two centuries, the school has accumulated an exceptional collection of historical pieces. These include science books and encyclopaedias dating from the 18th century, as well as works of art by former students and some incredible scientific instruments. 

A two-fold experience

The Mus’x houses two separate exhibitions. Firstly, a permanent display which retraces the history of science through several main themes. You’ll find out more about measurements and mathematics, for example, as well as electricity, magnetism and optics, among other topics. Secondly, you can visit the temporary exhibition which, every year, complements the permanent one. So don’t hesitate, come discover one of the destination’s best museums.

MUS'X Polytechnique

Route de Saclay
91120 Palaiseau

Tel. 01 69 33 35 64

Website : portail.polytechnique.edu/musx/fr

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