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Fancy a dip? Paris-Saclay swimming pools

Piscine la vague

When summer arrives and the temperature rises, there’s nothing like a dip in the pool. This is, after all, the only place where you can swim all year round without having to jump on a plane first!

After a long day’s work or to allow the children to let off steam, or just to get some exercise,  check out the swimming pools of our destination.

There’s no doubt about it, Paris-Saclay can be very refreshing!


For families

“Get ready children, we’re going to the swimming pool!”. These words are often met with squeals of excitement. To tell the truth, our dear kids are practically in their swimming gear, armbands and all, before we’ve even left the house!

The ideal pool for young children is the paddling pool where they can start having fun in the water (and splashing us!). But if the children are ready to float with the help of armbands or a pool noodle, then they can try the children’s pool where they can experiment with swimming on their backs or try their first strokes without armbands under the supervision of an adult.

Cours de natation - Agglomération Paris-Saclay

By the way, did you know there’s a pool with a wave machine in the conurbation? Yes, the municipal pool at Ulis features a wave pool with its very own tide. Crazy isn’t it?

Last but not least, the absolute must for children, beyond any shadow of a doubt, has to be the waterslide at La Vague, the pool complex in Palaiseau! For us it’s a little nerve-wracking, seeing our children climb out of the pool. “Be careful, don’t run, you’ll slip over”. 

My selection for your next outing: 
– La Vague pool complex (Palaiseau)
– Christine Caron swimming pool (Montlhéry)
– Municipal swimming pool (Les Ulis)
– Swimming pool at the Centre Omnisports (Sports Centre in Massy) 

For keen swimmers

On your marks, get set… Splash! Whether you’re just here for pleasure or training for a swimming gala, make the most of Paris-Saclay’s two Olympic-size pools (50-metres). In summer or winter, you can enjoy the heated outdoor pool at Orsay pool complex.

50-metre pools in the Paris-Saclay conurbation: 

– The outdoor pool (heated) of the swimming pool complex (Orsay)
– The swimming pool of the Centre Omnisports (Massy sports centre)

Meetic national de natation - Ville de Massy - JM Molina
Stade nautique d'Orsay - Mairie d'Orsay
Stade nautique d'Orsay - Mairie d'Orsay

Make the most of the sun at the outdoor swimming pools

You must admit, the heat of summer is always more pleasant when you can be at the pool rather than staying indoors to keep cool. So grab your gear and head for one of the conurbation’s two facilities with outdoor pools. Start by smothering yourself with suncream to avoid turning into a lobster by the end of the day. Then, swim a few lengths (to maintain that summer body) before drying off on your towel with a good book. Now that’s what I call a great day!

Outdoor pools of the Paris-Saclay conurbation: 
– Pool complex (Orsay)
– La Vague pool complex (Palaiseau)

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Piscine La Vague

Piscine La Vague

Palaiseau01 76 91 20 00

When the temperature rises and you want to unwind and enjoy yourself with the family without leaving the conurbation, La Vague de Palaiseau water park is the place to be!

Piscine du centre omnisports Pierre de Coubertin

Piscine du centre omnisports Pierre de Coubertin

Massy01 60 13 75 50

La piscine de Coubertin est l'une des deux piscines de la ville de Massy !

Piscine Christine Caron

Piscine Christine Caron

Montlhéry01 69 01 22 99

Cette piscine couverte est ouverte toute l'année et se compose de 3 bassins :un bassin sportif de 25m, un bassin d'apprentissage ainsi que d'une pataugeoire.

Piscine d'Orsay

Piscine d'Orsay

Orsay01 69 28 75 83

Le stade nautique d'Orsay possède :- deux bassins couverts (dimensions : 25 x 12,5m et 15 x 12,5m)- un bassin de 50 mètres avec un solarium et des gradins qui est ouvert aux nageurs l'été.

Piscine de Villaine

Piscine de Villaine

Massy01 60 13 75 50

Piscine de Villaine vous propose un bassin de 25m.

Piscine de Chilly-Mazarin

Piscine de Chilly-Mazarin

Chilly-Mazarin01 69 09 61 87

Ella, directrice de l'OT Destination Paris Saclay


“This is one of our favourite family outings. The children love going swimming and it’s nice for us, as parents, to see them at ease in the water.”

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