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For your next outing, make Extra-Laser Bowl your target!

Extra Laser Bowl Destination Paris-Saclay

The atmosphere

As soon as you arrive at the Extra Laser Bowl you feel immersed in a world of games. Bowling lanes on the left, arcade games on the right and, just opposite the entrance, the Laser Game room.

Extra Laser Bowl
Extra Laser Bowl Destination Paris-Saclay
Extra Laser Bowl Destination Paris-Saclay

We go to the desk to pay for our session, then enter a room to gear up. Together with the children, teenagers and adults who are to be our adversaries, we get ready.

We’re now all set to play at warriors as we slip on our vests dotted with targets for the enemy to aim at. A member of staff is there to brief us on what is to come, the rules of the game and safety issues.


Once inside the 400m² maze, our main objective is to hit as many of our adversaries’ light targets as possible with our laser guns. “Precision” is the name of the game. On the side of the gun is a button that allows you to adapt the type of weapon to your firing distance. Everyone is given a pseudonym. For this session my name is Warmachine and my friend is Spiderman.

Extra Laser Bowl

There are several possible scenarios: in the team version you have to protect your team-mates and secure the area to avoid being vulnerable to attack. In the solo version you’re a marksman shooting at your enemies.
Don’t worry, unlike Paintball, you don’t feel a thing when you’re shot at. Only a beep tells you when you’ve been hit.

Extra laser bowl Destination Paris-Saclay

The adrenalin starts flowing

The battle rages in a futuristic urban decor of fluorescent colours and dim lights. My friends and I put on a brave face against an undaunted group of children.

“Spiderman” is caught by surprise, while I tackle the “enemy” from a distance. A signal from my vest tells me I’ve been hit, but no worries, this isn’t over yet. After a few seconds of breather, the game starts up again and I prepare my revenge. After 20 minutes, we leave the maze  and await the results in an excited mix of adrenalin and stress.

Extra laser bowl Destination Paris-Saclay

The verdict is… we can savour our victory! It’s already past 11pm, time to go home, we have work tomorrow!

Extra LaserBowl

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91160 Ballainvilliers

Tel. .01 64 54 89 39

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“If you’re an adrenalin addict or need to let off steam, this is definitely for you! Take your family or friends to Ballainvilliers for a Laser Game session.”

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