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Massy from a brand new angle on the photography trail

Discovery, nature, originality are good words to describe this photography trail organised in association with Regarde! Here’s your chance to explore a town from a brand new angle and capture the here and now.

The trail focuses mainly on two features: the Bièvre stream and the Massy-Europe industrial estate. We asked each participant the same two questions.

Q1: At the end of the afternoon, what are your thoughts on your experience?

Q2: Which feature, place, point of interest or piece of information did you find the most interesting?

All of the photos below were taken by the participants during the walk!

Q1: Great! A good way to explore the “boundaries” and the dynamism of the town.

Q2: The new businesses and their attractive buildings.


Q1: A lovely surprise! What a pleasure to explore Massy a different way. Wonderful encounters along the Way of Saint James! A big thank you to the organisers.

Q2: the business park’s history and the link between old and new.


Q1: It’s very nice to discover part of the town from a new angle, especially the industrial estate.

Q2: The sections on the Way of Saint James


Q1: I had never done anything like this before and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. It was original and enriching.

Q2: Every part was different.


Q1: The camera, commentary and explanations made it a completely different walk, even in familiar places. Very interesting.

Q2: The locks. The Bièvre reservoir.


Q1: A fabulous walk. Firstly, I learned a lot about the district of Nouveau Villaine, including the fact that the architect and the landscape gardener worked together on the design of the buildings. And as a newcomer to Massy, I learned that nature is very much present here.

Q2: I enjoyed the entire walk, but I’d say the water plants in the Bièvre along the roadside.

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