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My first tasting tour of the Saclay Plateau farms

Balade Gourmande du plateau de Saclay
Destination Paris-Saclay

Today is the big day. I’ve just joined Destination Paris-Saclay and I can’t wait to explore the region! I’ve booked my tasting tour of the Saclay Plateau farms on the website and I’m ready for a new adventure!

Chicken on the plateau!

Destination Paris-Saclay

We meet the guides from the Terre & Cité association at the Bois Brûlé sports complex in Igny, along with other members of the group, all curious to find out the day’s programme.

We set off across the fields to the first farm, between the maize on our right and what seems to be fallow land on our left. In the distance we can see the Favreuse Farm in Bièvres where Charles Monville breeds organic chickens. Our first stop is here, to meet the enthusiastic farmer.

Destination Paris-Saclay

On our arrival, we’re greeted by Charles, a few sheep and two beautiful sheepdogs. We can see the hens running around outside. Charles settled here in 2010 after giving up his previous work for a new life as an organic farmer.
He cares about animal welfare and does everything he can to ensure his hens and cockerels lead a pleasant life on his farm. He always puts quality before quantity!

Destination Paris-Saclay

We then approach a closed chicken coop which, Charles explains, shelters the chicks which are kept inside until they’re old enough to run around outside safely. The chicken coop is heated to make sure they don’t catch cold!

Charles’ chickens can be purchased directly from the farm shop on Thursday afternoons. They don’t come more locally-sourced than this!

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We then have a short break.
A chance to try some ENORMOUS cookies, a lemon and poppyseed cake from the Vandame farm, and a delicious apple juice from the Viltain farm, brought along by the Terre & Cité team!

We’re now ready to visit the second farm!

Solidarity and organic vegetables

After a short walk via the village of Vauhallan and its famous Abbey, we arrive at the Jardin de Cocagne de Limon.

Destination Paris-Saclay

These gardens operate under a very specific concept for the benefit of people trying to re-enter the job market.  Many of the employees are striving to return to work after encountering some of life’s hazards. The Gardens cultivate organic vegetables and fruit which are then sold in the form of packs to customers who have signed up for membership.

Destination Paris-Saclay
Destination Paris-Saclay

The packs are for 2 or 4 people and can be collected every week from the different outlets or directly from the Jardin de Cocagne in Vauhallan!

The walk comes to an end after 9 kilometres. This first visit has given me a taste for exploring other facets of the region. See you for the next one!



“It was a real pleasure to visit the farms and taste the local produce. Don’t hesitate to find out what visits we organise!”

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