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Pony rides in the Mérantaise valley

Ecurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay
Écurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay

Let's set the scene. This is the Mérantaise valley

On this lovely spring day, we’re off on a family outing in the Mérantaise valley. We have an appointment for a pony ride at the Ferme du Moulin Neuf, a farm located in the heart of the Mérantaise valley….
Between the departmental forests of Bois des Grais, Tête Ronde and Aigrefoin, the Mérantaise valley offers an unspoilt lush green setting on the outskirts of Paris.
We reach the valley via a small road that winds its way from  Gif-sur-Yvette. In the early spring, the scenery is magnificent and we enjoy it in the company of a host of singing birds who are in good voice at this time of year!
(Before coming, I did of course check the opening times and practical details.)

Preparing for the ride

Once at the stables we head for a meadow where 3 little Shetland ponies are quietly grazing by the water. 

There, we’re told who to ask about our appointment. We receive a pleasant welcome before being told who our furry companion will be, a chestnut pony named “Bobo”.

After a brief introduction, we head for the yard to get ready… Or rather, to the tack room to find everything we need, including a saddle and a riding hat. We’re ready to go!

Ecurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay
Écurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay

Along the stream

Off we go for a 30-minute walk accompanied by the trickle of a little stream that we follow all the way.

Bobo is lively and full of energy, enjoys speeding up and protests to walking at snail pace! So the walk is a brisk one, much to the delight of the children.

The lovely path we take outside the stables follows a stream with a stone bridge and we’re accompanied by the song of birds who are in good voice on this beautiful spring day.

It’s a superb setting and a wonderful place to recharge your batteries.  We let Bobo set the pace and he seems to have his own idea as to which route to take!
Then, we cross a little wooden bridge and find ourselves in a picturesque meadow full of flowers where we take a welcome break and switch riders!

The return trip is calm and we continue to appreciate the beautiful scenery around us. The children are won over and don’t want to stop. We’ll definitely escape again to this beautiful valley just a stone’s throw from the capital.

Ecurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay
Écurie du Moulin Neuf - Destination Paris-Saclay

Ecurie du Moulin Neuf

The Moulin Neuf Stables are mainly livery stables but also propose the rental of Shetland ponies for rides in the nearby woods and meadows. In September 2018, the stables also opened a riding school.

Anne-Sophie, chargée de promotion à l'OT Destination Paris Saclay


“As far as I’m concerned, pony riding has been tried and tested by my children at the Ferme du Moulin Neuf.”

L'écurie du Moulin Neuf

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91190 Villiers-le-Bâcle

Tel. 07 70 90 06 48

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