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Sensas: 2 hours of fun with the senses

Tucked in the heart of the entrepreneurial hub in Palaiseau, SENSAS is quite an oddity in the leisure world.

Sensas Palaiseau
Crédit Sensas

Today I’m going with Ella and Lucie to try this mind-blowing facility.

So what is SENSAS?

Sensas Palaiseau
Destination Paris-Saclay

When we arrive we’re greeted with a beaming smile by Charlotte. Charlotte is to be our “master of the senses” for this 2-hour adventure. It feels like visiting friends. We talk and laugh and the tone is set.

We get ready, and take our shoes off because they’re strict on hygiene here. Our first surprise is on the way to the toilet. This loo experience is right up there with the best nights out in Paris! This is going to be quite an adventure!

Exceptionally, there are just 3 of us. (The usual minimum is 4). The session starts with a quick briefing. What is SENSAS?

I shall attempt to describe this experience like none you’ve ever known!

Sensas Palaiseau
Destination Paris-Saclay

The only AIM is to HAVE FUN

Sensas Palaiseau
Sensas Palaiseau

Sensas is a succession of different trials that explore the 5 senses. For half of the activities, the participants are plunged into total darkness. But don’t worry, there are lit areas too.

For each trial you can win an amulet, which is later converted by the Sensas team into a donation to a regional charity for the disabled.

The 6 activities have us all tasting, moving, smelling, talking, thinking and, above all, in fits of giggles. To succeed, you have to overcome a few fears and apprehensions! Every trial is very different from the rest and you go very quickly from one to the next.

With Charlotte’s help, we make good progress. Lucie, our door-opener, carries a building pile of amulets.

A grand finale

Sensas Palaiseau
Destination Paris-Saclay

I won’t give away the content of each trial, but I must just say a word about this last one.

Everything was going well but now it all goes haywire. Yet the goal is simple: to search for objects hidden in a room… We have most of them but after a while we’re really having trouble finding the last 2 or 3 items. (In our defence, this trial is a more complicated one.) At this point we become children again and completely forget the objective. I suspect certain people – whose names I won’t mention – of not taking this very seriously. We’re in fits of laughter most of the time. To put it simply, we did not succeed with this trial, at least not entirely.

The adventure comes to an end and Lucie hands our hard-won amulets to Charlotte.

We take the opportunity to visit the reception area which hosts events such as birthday parties and team-building sessions.

SENSAS, as its name suggests, really is SENSational! It exploits our SENSES to makes us to raise awareness about disability.
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Sensas Palaiseau
Destination Paris-Saclay


8 rue Salvador Allende
91120 Palaiseau

Tel. 09 88 43 42 26

Website :

Damien, chargé de l'animation numérique à l'OT Destination Paris-Saclay


“Without any hesitation whatsoever, visit SENSAS with your friends or family or do as we did and go with colleagues!!”

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