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Storytelling walkabout – Sylvie the fairy and the three little elves


This is the story of three little elves (not pigs) and a fairy called Sylvie.

Once upon a time...

Three little elves were strolling along a footpath near a vast green forest. That morning, the first flaming hues of the leaves suggested autumn was coming.

As the elves approach a glade, they meet a lady who appears as if by magic. She is tall and beautiful. Her face is lit up by her sparkling eyes.

Destination Paris-Saclay
Destination Paris-Saclay
Destination Paris-Saclay

Sylvie the fairy

Breaking the morning silence, she calls to the elves.

Lady: Good morning young people! My name is Sylvie. I am the fairy who protects the enchanted forest.

Surprised by this apparition, the elves are wary.

Elves: What… what do you want?

Sylvie the fairy: Come my friends, I’ll tell you a story about this forest.

Where paths meet

The carefree elves enter the forest and decide to follow the fairy along one footpath after another. In her soft voice, Sylvie plunges our merry cohort into her fabulous world.

She tells them how much she enjoys walking here and even taking her breakfast! At an intersection between two paths, she begins telling another story, this time about a bird and a fox.

Destination Paris-Saclay
Destination Paris-Saclay

The thirsty frog and the dried-up pond

Sylvie’s imaginary story is inspired by the elements around her, such as a tree stump, a speed camera or a dried-up pond.

After a few minutes’ walk, the forest opens out onto a pond that has been drained by… a frog. Not just any frog, but a huuuge and very thirsty frog.
Will this small batrachian help the pond find its water again?


A succession of stories transports the elves from universe to universe, from Africa to the bowels of the Earth.

Destination Paris-Saclay

The fairy finishes telling her last story which leaves the elves dreamily contemplating a tree trunk…

Every story has an ending and everyone has to go home, with a head full of memories to feed many a dream.

Would you like to travel too with the stories told by Sylvie Mombo? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Damien, chargé de l'animation numérique à l'OT Destination Paris-Saclay


“Sylvie didn’t reveal all of her secrets, like why she’s so good at telling a story…”

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