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Paris Saclay Tourist Office

Paris-Saclay Tourist Office is a key player for the local area and their ultimate goal is to showcase the destination. The tourist office is in charge of promoting tourism for the 27 towns and villages of the Paris-Saclay urban area. The team works hard to ensure this destination is an attractive place to be and well-known on a regional, national and international scale. Today, the Tourist Office plays a key role in the Paris-Saclay urban area ecosystem. They make a major contribution to local development and thanks to their expertise and enthusiasm, the local economy also benefits greatly.

The team of Destination Paris Saclay

What is the Tourist Office's goal? To satisfy your needs. The passionate team from the Paris-Saclay Tourist Office works hard every day to ensure your questions are answered and your needs are met. The professional team know everything there is to know about the destination and have close ties with the countless establishments in Paris-Saclay (urban community, town halls, companies, Université Paris-Saclay, schools, hotels, restaurants, leisure venues, etc.). 

Whether you are a local, a student, a professional, an employee or a visitor to the area, Paris-Saclay Destination is on-hand to assist you. Before, during or after your stay, the tourist office is your go-to contact to answer all your questions. Let the experts guide you, and provide you with all the advice you need. Are you looking for recommendations? They'll tell you about all the best places to go to. Your exploration starts here!

What does the Tourist Office do?

Tourism office of Massy
Tourism office of Massy - Desination Paris Saclay
Tourism Office of Paris Saclay in Orsay
Tourism office- Destination Paris Saclay

The services offered

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The team

Ella Mauny
Ella Mauny - Destination Paris Saclay
Ella Mauny, Director

“Paris-Saclay is a place with surprisingly diverse scenery. Very quickly, you can go from a built-up town to a small village with a population of less than 1,000, and still remain close to Paris. This is a very pleasant place to be, with all the necessary amenities, as well as plenty of green areas to explore on foot. This is an ambitious destination that can really live up to its promises.”

A place I recommend:
Mimmo, an Italian caterer in Verrières-le-Buisson. They catered my wedding! Years later, my friends still talk about the food!

A place to explore:
The Batterie de la Pointe in Palaiseau that I was lucky enough to discover in 2018 thanks to the association ADPP. This is an exceptional place that I think deserves recognition and should be open to the public.

My favourite:
The Château de Montlhéry that I have known since my childhood. There is an exceptional view from the top of the tower.

Portrait Damien
Damien Trioux
Damien Trioux, Head of Digital Animation

“This is a very dynamic place! It might take a while to see the end results, but the whole area is being developed and structured little by little, and it is leading to real movement here. Paris-Saclay represents our future with all the schools and research laboratories in the area.”

A place I recommend:
Les Amoureux du Chocolat in Massy. I fell in love with their chocolates. I don’t think there is anything I don’t like in the shop, everything is so delicious.

A place to explore:
La Pagode Trùc Lam in Villebon-sur-Yvette, what a discovery! It’s really not an easy place to find, but maybe that’s what makes it so special? Or maybe it’s the peace-and-quiet of this place or the view over the valley.

My favourite:
The Viaduc des Fauvettes. This place is definitely one of the sights to see in the area as it is not very well-known but definitely worth exploring.

Anne-Sophie Fouju, Tourist Information Agent

“ Paris-Saclay is a connected, innovative, dynamic and creative place that attracts countless visitors from all over the world!
The scientific excellence of this area is well-known, but there is also another hidden side to discover. A natural, unspoilt ecosystem that we love to explore if we venture off the beaten track.”

A place I recommend:
The Fournil de Cérès à Honoré at Vandame farm for their bread baked in a wood-fired oven and especially for their cookies!

A place to explore:
The surprising Carrière de la Troche on Rue de Corbeville between Orsay and Palaiseau. This is a natural, isolated site on the outskirts of the plateau and the built-up side of Yvette Valley.
Besides the obvious geological interest of this site, there is also a beach here surrounded by sandstone blocks. It is a natural climbing spot, very popular with avid climbers. Those looking for a good place for a picnic as a family or with friends will also enjoy coming here, as picnic tables have recently been installed!

My favourite:
Mérantaise Valley between Gif-sur-Yvette and Villiers-le-Bâcle, without any hesitation! This is my favourite place for running and cycling during my free time. The scenery here is superb and I never get tired of coming here, whatever the season. Even if you’re not the sporty type, you’ll still enjoy this place. There’s so much to do in the village of Villiers-le-Bâcle, including the Maison Atelier Foujita , Bel-Air educational farm, Moulin-Neuf stables and so much more.

Clélia Lesueur
Clélia Lesueur
Clélia Lesueur, Tourist Information Agent

“The Paris-Saclay urban area is a place that is constantly evolving and always has surprises up its sleeve. In just a few minutes, you can go from a neighbourhood at the cutting-edge of innovation with driverless cars, to a rural village surrounded by fields and farmland. There are so many great places to go, countless walks and cultural discoveries. Come to Paris-Saclay to see it all with your own eyes!”

A place I recommend:
If you are looking for local, seasonal and high-quality products, go to the farm shop at the Potagers de Marcoussis. They sell fruit and vegetables grown on-site as well as tinned products that respect the quality of the products and the people who grow them.

A place to explore:
The Maison-Atelier Foujita was the last place of residence for Japanese artist Léonard Foujita. The house is still exactly how he left it, you can almost imagine the artist is about to walk through the door to give us a tour. His workshop is like Aladdin’s cave and budding artists will find so much inspiration there. I could spend hours inspecting every last detail.

My favourite:
Spring when the cherry trees are in bloom on every street corner and in almost every park throughout the urban area! Particularly the Charles Boucher park in Orsay with the rows of tulips and daffodils. It is a wonderful haven of greenery to take a stroll in amongst the flowers.

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