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Ferme des Potagers, Marcoussis
Ferme des Potagers de Marcoussis - Olivia SINET
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“What’s for dinner?” When we hear that question, we dream of just being able to click our fingers and make a delicious meal appear before us.

If you don’t feel like cooking one evening or you have a special occasion to celebrate, why not go to one of the restaurants in the local area? Your mouth will be watering as you read the menus for the restaurants, each one just as appealing as the last. You’ll have trouble stopping your tummy from rumbling and you won’t be able to resist the scents coming from the kitchens. If you prefer simplicity and wide-open spaces, we have selected the top 10 picnic spots for you. Everyone knows that France is the country of great food. Paris-Saclay will only confirm the talent of the French for producing delicious meals. Just like the pastries from Yann Bryss, ‘Best Craftsman of France‘, whose creations are all absolutely exquisite. Your tastebuds are in for a real treat! If you’re feeling brave, why not put on your aprons and head into the kitchens yourselves, to become the next Jamie Oliver. Concoct some delicious dishes either alone or as a group. The most important thing is to share this enjoyable moment with your loved ones. Bon appetit!