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Fête médiévale de Montlhéry, spectacle de feu
Fête médiévale de Montlhéry - Ville de Montlhéry
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Fête Médiévale de Montlhéry

2017 marked a turning point for the town of Montlhéry when it was decided to organise an annual two-day medieval festival in the Parc de la Souche with the famous tower serving as the backdrop!

This festival takes place during the European Heritage Days and the whole town is plunged back into the Middle Ages for two days. An original way to celebrate the town’s history, symbolised by the famous Tour de Montlhéry.

Maison du Patrimoine

27 Grande Rue
91310 Montlhéry

Tel. 01 60 12 72 06


All year round.

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