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Finding accommodation for students

Are you studying or soon to study on the university campus of Paris-Saclay?

These tips will help you prepare the start of your academic year with peace of mind.

Choose the Guichet Unique, a one-stop solution set up by Université Paris-Saclay, or one of the options proposed by Héberjeunes and Science Accueil. Either way, you’re sure to be welcomed in the best possible conditions!

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The Guichet Unique

Firstly, the Guichet Unique is an online service to help students find accommodation on campus at Université Paris-Saclay. It is open to students enrolled at the Université Paris-Saclay schools and research centres.

It is managed by the CROUS of Versailles for the purpose of listing accommodation offers across all sources (welfare or otherwise) on the Saclay Plateau o rnearby: single and shared student accommodation, both existing and under construction. This online service was created to simplify your accommodation search and communication between accommodation managers, organisations and students.
The aim of the service is to:
•Make it easier for every student to find accommodation,
•Optimise the occupation rate of student accommodation to keep rent levels under control,
•Comply with the priority criteria established by each organisation.
•Ensure transparency and fairness in the allocation of accommodation.

The Héberjeunes association

Héberjeunes is an association, based at Université Paris-Saclay, which puts students in touch with property owners along the RER B train line. Its role is to guide students and owners through a relationship of trust. Thanks to the work of the association’s volunteers, students benefit from a bespoke service and don’t even have to pay agency fees!
So if you’re looking for a place to live, or have a room or flat to let, contact Héberjeunes!

Université Paris-Sud, Bât 311, 91400 Orsay
+33 (0)1 69 15 65 44 or +33 (0)1 69 15 52 52


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study group - StockSnap de Pixabay

The Science Accueil association

For researchers and PhD students, the Science-Accueil association proposes a wide range of services which include flat hunting.

Last but not least, Science Accueil also aims to accompany research lecturers, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and interns studying for a Masters degree or MBA, offering help with accommodation in line with individual needs. In certain cases, Bachelors and Masters students can also benefit from their guidance (winners of excellence grants from Université Paris-Saclay, students of Université Evry-Val-d’Essonne and students living on the ECLA campus).

Association Science Accueil
6 boulevard Dubreuil
91400 Orsay
+33 (0)1 69 33 16 85