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Paris-Saclay from a different perspective

5 YouTube videos filmed in the Paris-Saclay area!

See the area from a different angle

There are so many original places across the Paris-Saclay urban area that are ideal for filming. Over the past few years, the popularity of YouTube videos has gone through the roof, with new concepts that are quickly changing the way this platform is used. Here are our Top 5 videos that were filmed here in the area if you would like to discover or rediscover some local places, and especially if you’re looking for a laugh!


What happens when you switch to 1st gear at a speed of 130km/hr? - Vilebrequin

We've all wondered what would happen if you switched to 1st gear at a speed of 130 km/hr… Vilebrequin tried it! In this video, two friends put the risks aside and tried to take on this 'challenge' (not to be tried on your own car!). Did you know that they have filmed several videos at the Linas-Montlhéry race track? Rest assured that they are not all as crazy as this one.

If you would also like to drive on this legendary race track, they organise events all year round. Professionals and motor sports fans, don’t hesitate to keep updated with the current events at Linas-Montlhéry race track!


'Mario Carte Bleue All Star' - Mcfly and Carlito

The concept of 'Mario Carte Bleue ALL STAR' was invented by two French Youtubers, Mcfly & Carlito, and countless influencers have taken part in this challenge at the Paris Kart Indoor go-karting track in Wissous. In this video, you'll see Cyprien, Natoo and Squeezie. The concept is simple, the youtubers race just like in the video game Mario Kart. Whoever comes last has to give their credit card to the others, who will buy them the most inappropriate gift.

For this edition of ‘All Star’, the two youtubers really pulled out all the stops for the decoration! Live from the biggest indoor go-karting track in France, in Wissous, the atmosphere was electric! Just like your favourite youtubers, come and have some fun on this huge go-karting track!


'Coup de foudre à Gif-sur-Yvette' - Lolywood

Lollywood is a comic YouTube channel that was created in 2015, providing "great Hollywood-style productions... but without the celebrities, the music and the show". They have announced they will soon be returning to YouTube with new videos.

While you’re waiting, here is a video they filmed in Gif-sur-Yvette on the theme of love at first sight. Lollywood is all about topics that we come across in everyday life, or more complicated issues, but always with a touch of comedy.

If you’re looking for a laugh, we recommend watching this video!


A trampoline park just for us - Pierre Croce

Everyone (in France) knows Pierre Croce, a famous youtuber who also appeared in the TV programme 'On n’demande qu’à en rire'. He likes testing out new concepts and leisure activities. Pierre Croce and his friends came to have some fun at the biggest trampoline park in Europe (when it opened).

So if you’re looking for some fun jumping around with your friends, don’t hesitate to come here, just like Pierre Croce did. Come and blow off some steam at Let’s Jump in Palaiseau!


Vlog - 'Indoor fun at Gulli Parc' - Swan & Néo

Swan & Néo are two French brothers who are well-known for testing out toys and theme parks across France. In this vlog, they are at Gulli Parc in La Ville du Bois. This theme park is a place with oversized games that children will absolutely love!

Get a taster of what to expect from a day at Gulli Parc in La Ville-du-Bois, and come on an adventure with Swan & Néo!

Paris-Saclay from a different perspective