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Sunset on the pond of Saclay - Instamathic
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The faces of Paris-Saclay

Paris-Saclay as seen by Instamathic

An encounter with Instamathic

The magnificent photos from this maths teacher, posted on his Instagram account, caught the eye of the Tourist Office. We decided to share them with you. We met with Instamathic to find out more…

Paris-Saclay Destination: Instamathic, tell us about yourself.


Instamathic: I have been a maths teacher since September 2007. I've always taught in Essonne. I am currently teaching at the Jules Verne high school in Villebon-sur-Yvette.

In spring 2020, I created a YouTube channel for my students, called Les maths s’émettent! To store the videos I made during the first lockdown, and not long after, I created the Instagram account Instamathic. The initial goal was to be able to post one to three photos every day that were more or less directly linked to mathematics or to my lessons. But very quickly I got a taste for taking photos and this account gave me a reason to carry on.

PSD: How do you see Paris-Saclay?

Instamathic: To be completely honest with you, I didn't realise until recently that Paris-Saclay was the name for the urban area I lived in. I only associated this name with the science and technology hub that is currently under development. When I looked at the list of the 27 towns and villages that make up this urban area, I saw so many familiar names, the places I have lived in, where I studied, where I work, where I do my shopping, where I go for a walk, etc.
And above-all, it's where I take most of my photos!

PSD: Where is your favourite place in the area?

Instamathic: I don't have one particular favourite place but I have taken a lot of photos in Vauhallan, a place where we can find some superb rural scenery.

PSD: Is there somewhere you can recommend (in Paris-Saclay)? (shop, cultural venue, cinema, restaurant, etc.)

Instamathic: I do some of my food shopping at La Vie Claire in Les Ulis. I also regularly pay a visit to Barbe & Co in Bures-sur-Yvette, which is a hairdressing salon for men and women and a barbershop. When I was a student, I often went to Jacques Tati cinema in Orsay. I recently discovered Marion Lunetier in Orsay, an Eye Like optician, who is enthusiastic, professional and provides great, expert advice. I also really like the decoration there.

PSD: When is the best time for taking photos?

Instamathic: This is not a very original answer but I would say that the atmosphere is always interesting in both morning and evening and both times of day can provide an opportunity to rediscover places in different colours and different atmospheres.

PSD: Can you recommend a hashtag that we should check out?

Instamathic: I don't follow any hashtags in particular but I like looking at the landscapes from @cedric_schell, who takes us on a poetic exploration of Alsace and Germany, or the photos by @monsieur.laffaille of the Basque country, with some very intimate sunrise and sunset shots. I don't have the same level of equipment as them, or their technique, or their talent, but they are two accounts, among others, that inspire me.

PSD: So if Paul buys 2 packets of cookies for €5 each, 1 litre of apple juice for €4.50 and 2 packets of nougat for €11, what would be his bloody sugar level after eating and drinking all of it? (Click here if you're looking for local products

Instamathic: I'm no doctor, but I can see that you'll be disappointed if I don't give you the answer of €36.50! (laughs)

Portrait - Instamathic

PSD: Have you got a maths question for us?

Instamathic: That depends on your level of knowledge in maths... You can find a whole range of maths questions, with something for all levels of ability, on my Instagram account. Just search for the hashtag #mathsmette.

The faces of Paris-Saclay