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Carrière de la troche parc eugène chanlon palaiseau orsay
Carrière de la Troche -Destination Paris-Saclay
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Outdoor Escape Game, an investigation at Troche quarry

Come and see how much fun an outdoor Escape Game is. You are the detective in an unresolved police investigation! Will you be able to solve the mysteries of these almost perfect crimes?

Carrière de la troche parc eugène chanlon palaiseau orsay
Carrière de la Troche -Destination Paris-Saclay

Outdoor Escape Game, a fun and immersive experience

That morning, we headed for the beautiful Troche quarry in Orsay and Palaiseau. Along with my colleagues Ella, Clara and Clélia, we tried and tested a new, fun experience in the forest: an Escape Game in the great outdoors. When we arrived, we had no idea what to expect. At the Tourist Office, we like a challenge though, so we were ready for anything!

Squirrel - Canva
Squirrel - Canva
Forêt de la troche Palaiseau
Forêt de la troche Palaiseau- OOxygène

Unravel the mysteries of this outdoor escape game

Corinne, the game master greeted us on the edge of the forest and gave us our mission. Some savage crimes have been committed! We were leading the investigation to find the murderer, who appeared to be attacking the area around Troche quarry. The scene had been set. We were about to embark upon our very own adventure, inside a real life Agatha Christie novel


Corinne is passionate about treasure hunts and escape games, and so she created her own company, Ooxygene. She tested her first investigations out on her daughters and her friends. Then she decided it was time to share her passion with the public. She organises a range of activities, including outdoor escape games, and treasure hunts. These activities are great fun as a family, with friends or as a team building exercise!

Carrière de la Troche Palaiseau
Carrière de la Troche Palaiseau - Destination Paris-Saclay
Parc Eugène Chanlon Palaiseau Orsay
Parc Eugène Chanlon - Destination Paris-Saclay

Have we got everything we need? We're ready for the hunt

As soon as we were split into two teams, our competitive spirit took over. Who would come out on top? To help us, Corinne gave us a backpack filled with everything we would need: gloves, map, notepad and a torch. We had to find the clues that would lead us to the killer's identity, his motive and his modus operandi... We set off and had two hours to solve the crime.


The key is to go in the right direction!

We ran off excitedly in search of the first clue. The first challenge was to find our way using the map, which was key in finding the 12 clues. This reminded me of my PE lessons in high school when we would set off into the forest with our orienteering map in hand! Our new goal was to not get lost and get back as a team…We wasted a few minutes just figuring out how to play the game.

Parc Eugène Chanlon Palaiseau Orsay
Parc Eugène Chanlon - Destination Paris-Saclay
Parc Eugène Chanlon Palaiseau Orsay
Carrière de la troche - Destination Paris-Saclay

Discovering the clues, the excitement of figuring out the answers

I found the first clue with the help of my teammate Clara. That's when we really got stuck into the game. Our adventure took a more physical turn after that. We had to actively climb and overcome obstacles to win. The clock was ticking. Newspaper clippings, a code to find, photos... Thanks to the various evidence we came across, the scenario become clearer. Our game master certainly has a vivid imagination. All the details of the crime were right in front of us. It was so exciting!


And the killer is... !

We finally had all the clues! It was time to look at them more closely and find out the truth behind these gruesome crimes (Mwahahahah). Each team sat down and emptied out the contents of their backpack. Some of the clues were quite difficult to figure out. The tension was unbearable as we searched for the right answer to each question! We finally figured out who the killer was. Corinne gave us a summary of this person's steps. Despite our best efforts, we were missing a few clues so we didn't win, but I think you can guess that we had a great time together trying to solve this murder investigation.

The Guilty
The Guilty - Canva
Your turn!

You too can step into the shoes of a detective, there are plenty of mysteries for you to solve! Will you be able to find all the clues? The next victim might just be you...


PS: of course this story is merely fiction.



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