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River Bièvre, Parc de Vilgénis - Siavb
River Bièvre, Parc de Vilgénis - Siavb

A walk along the River Bièvre

A bucolic waterway

The Bièvre is the perfect place to come for a stroll, and in a completely safe environment. Enjoy the freshness of this beautiful river for a family walk or a more sporty hike. You’ll quickly forget the hustle and bustle of the nearby city as you walk alongside this waterway.

Portrait Damien

Damien's experience

"What are you waiting for? Come and discover this natural getaway!"

  • Along the Bièvre river
  • 1/2 day
  • Walks and hikes
Parc de Vilgenis under the snow
Parc de Vilgenis - Destination Paris Saclay

A bucolic waterway

We’ve known each other for nearly 30 years. I’ve seen this river unveil its treasures and watched it evolve. It changes, but it’s still the place where I love to walk. To me it has always been THE river (and the closest) that refreshes me in summer and offers its bucolic landscape in winter. I enjoy the sounds of nature along this river. The ripple of the water and the song of birds offer the perfect getaway from city life.


Preserved biodiversity

On the banks of the Bièvre, you might be lucky enough to spot a host of wildlife, including frogs, fish, birds (like the kingfisher or the heron which can be seen among the bulrushes) and dragonflies. Deer in Vilgénis park? Yes. It’s no legend, you can really see them roaming free in the park of a town with a population of 50,000! Proof of the perfect state of this area, which has been protected for a long time.

Dragonfly - Siavb
The Bievre river in Massy
The Bievre river in Massy - Destination Paris-Saclay

The best time of year to visit?

So let’s see… between the low light of winter on the frozen edges of the river, and the summer period when walkers can enjoy the fragrance of the lime trees in blossom, the choice isn’t easy. And there’s no lack of colour either, with the beautiful pinkish tones of the purple loosestrife!


Things to do nearby

For sports enthusiasts, you’ll be going past the Verrières-le-Buisson golf course so this might be your chance to perfect that swing! The Bièvre can also be explored by bike on certain sections, including the Massy part thanks to a dedicated cycle path which is very pleasant. Seasoned cyclists can take the adventure further on the Véloscénie greenway, an itinerary that stretches for nearly 450 km.

Golf player
Golf - Image byHebi B. de Pixabay
Walk along the Bievre river
La Bièvre - Mairie de Massy


Once untamable, the Bièvre is now managed to perfection by the SIAVB (Syndicat Intercommunal pour l’Assainissement de la Vallée de la Bièvre). This river was hidden for a long time but, after gradually revealing itself, now winds its way once again through a number of towns: Massy, Igny, Verrières-le-Buisson, L’Haÿ-les-Roses

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