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Mont-Saint-Michel, véloscénie
Mont-Saint-Michel - Joel Damase
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The véloscénie

Ride in complete freedom!

Get away from it all and discover Destination Paris-Saclay by bike… From Paris, why not cycle all the way to Mont-Saint-Michel?

Vallée de Chevreuse by bike, véloscénie
Véloscénie - David Darrault

Véloscénie : From Paris to the bay of Mont Saint-Michel

The Véloscénie cycle path stretches for 450 km between Mont-Saint-Michel and Paris. The itinerary is accessible to all and offers a new angle on the regions visited. The destination Paris-Saclay offers two possibilities: follow the Bièvre river to Versailles, or head for the Yvette valley and towards Limours… the choice is yours.

Map of Véloscénie
Map of Véloscénie
Aérotrain, limours, véloscénie
Véloscénie - David Darrault
Accueil vélo, véloscénie
Accueil Vélo - Joël Damase

Cycling and its benefits

Travelling by bike offers us a new angle on our environment and allows us to stop whenever we feel like it. It is now a rapidly growing transport method. Families, couples, friends find themselves looking for new challenges. Cycle routes, greenways, cycle paths, they’re all good ways to get to your destination!

Limours , aérotrain, véloscénie
Limours - David Darrault

Véloscénie which route to choose?

To get out of Paris, you can take the green corridor (also called “voie des vallons de la Bièvres”). This car-free greenway is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. It will take you to Massy in complete safety. On the way, take the opportunity to stop at the Parc de Sceaux or the Parc de la Vallée aux Loups. At Massy, continue towards Limours or Versailles.

Viaduc des Fauvettes, Gometz-le-châtel, bures-sur-yvette
Viaduc des Fauvettes - Destination Paris-Saclay
The bièvre river Massy
The Bievre river - Destination Paris-saclay

On the way to Limours you’ll pass through the town centres of Palaiseau and Orsay. Ideal for buying lunch or snacks!  On the way, the Véloscénie will also take you to the Viaduc des Fauvettes and offer you a magnificent view of the Yvette valley. Shortly before Limours, you’ll follow the old railway line of the aerotrain which has become a greenway.
On the way to Versailles, you’ll pass through the town of Igny. Take the time to stop and refuel. Then discover the Musée de la Toile de Jouy in Jouy-en-Josas. A former factory founded by Oberkampf. Go to Versailles and its majestic castle.

Cathédrale Notre-dame de Paris
Paris - David Darrault
The Recyclerie Sportive

The Recyclerie Sportive is a Massy-based association that specialises in recycling sports equipment. The association strongly encourages more responsible consumer behaviour and promotes awareness of zero waste solutions among its members and the local population by helping them to repair or upcycle their old sports equipment. The association now collects, sorts, co-repairs and redistributes equipment via eco-responsible sales outlets. Every month, its members propose bike rides, workshops and long-distance excursions for teenagers.


The Veloscenic

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