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Chocolat - fortyforks - Getty images

The best places to buy chocolate in Paris-Saclay

Foodies will be on cloud nine!

What better a time to buy chocolate than Easter? Well there’s also Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and… Actually, any excuse is a good one to enjoy delicious chocolate! So, calling all those with a sweet tooth, we’ve selected some fantastic places in Paris-Saclay to pick up homemade chocolate

Chocolate - stocksnap
Chocolate - stocksnap

Treat loved ones with homemade chocolate and make those special occasions unforgettable!

Easter eggs, bunnies and bells will all be welcome for the Easter egg hunt this year. Treat your other half to something sweet to celebrate Valentine's Day. Slip some sweet treats under the tree at Christmas.
Whether you're looking for a gift, for something to hide in the garden or enjoy as soon as you leave the shop, there's something for every occasion. Venture inside to see the original creations from the passionate and talented chocolate makers, and you'll be leaving with plenty of delicious, local products, all homemade!

Our 5 favorite chocolate shops

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Chocolate - sisoje - Getty images

1. Jadis & Gourmande - Chilly-Mazarin

This Parisian chocolate maker works his magic in Chilly-Mazarin! Come and taste the delicious chocolates that have been made right here on-site for the past 40 years. The shop is just in front of their workshops, and their prices are much lower than the shops in the centre of Paris. Why not ask them to make you a personalised gift? Their speciality is the chocolate alphabet to write someone's name or a message.

2. L'Atelier de Régis - Marcoussis

Régis Bouet has been passionate about chocolate for 30 years. He invites you to discover his creations in his shop-laboratory in Marcoussis. Come and taste the chocolates that are made on-site using local products and cocoa beans that have been carefully selected from the producers.

3. Les Amoureux du Chocolat - Massy

Claire and Johan are both passionate about chocolate and they invite you to discover their gourmet creations in Massy. Come and admire the talent of these chocolate makers in their laboratory and watch them at work from the shop or from outdoors. Don't leave before tasting their specialities with hazelnuts such as the Rocher de Massy and the Pavé de Vilmorin.

4. Tablettes & Compagnies - Palaiseau

Pierre Landriot, chocolate maker and confectioner, chose to set up shop in Palaiseau and invites customers to come and discover his expert creations. All his sweet delights are made on-site, including chocolate bars, mendiants, praline rochers, orangettes, fruit jellies and many more. Don't hesitate to contact them with any personalised orders.

Chocolate- Chirilla Sofia - Canva
Chocolate - Chirilla Sofia - Canva
Pastry shop Tourbillon
Pastry shop Tourbillon

5. Pâtisserie Tourbillon - Saulx-les-Chartreux

Yann Brys, 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' (Best Craftsman of France) invites you into his special little world of cakes, chocolates and other creations depending on the season. Pâtisserie Tourbillon is where the quality of ingredients, expert know-how and passion for gourmet creations guide the way to exceptional chocolate!

Other sweet treats to taste

Are you not really a chocolate person but you still feel like a sweet treat? Here are some other suggestions of delicious gourmet treasures to discover in Paris-Saclay!

Les Sorbets de Saint-Mandé - Chilly-Mazarin 

Bruno Aïm, Maître Artisan Glacier (master ice cream maker) has been making homemade ice creams and sorbets since 1897, according to pure French tradition. Visit the shop at his laboratory in Chilly-Mazarin to see for yourself his original flavours!

Nougats la Linoise - Linas

Nougat La Linoise is a family-run business that was founded in 1930. The nougat is made using ingredients carefully selected for their great taste and optimal quality. The shop in Linas is next to their workshop, you can't get more local than that!

Pistachio ice cream in white bowl, copy space
Pistachio ice cream in white bowl, copy space