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Opéra de Massy

If it is true that music is the language of emotions, then the Opéra de Massy (Massy Opera House) is their place of expression.

Photo de Christian Badeuil Opéra de Massy
Badeuil Christian
Casse noisette à l'opéra de Massy JM Molina Mairie de Massy
Casse noisette JM Molina - Mairie de Massy

France’s newest opera house was built in Massy in 1993. Besides its modernity, it also boasts its status as the only suburban Opera House. The demanding yet accessible programme offers a harmonious blend of original creations and great classics.

Concert du 1er de l'an 2016, orchestre de Massy. Public
Concert du 1er de l'an - Bata Gluvacevic

On an endless quest for new talent, it offers its stage to artists from all horizons. The operas, plays and dance performances take place in the main auditorium, where the public benefits from the venue’s acoustic perfection.

Bus opéra, concert dans la gare Massy TGV Crédits JM Molina Mairie de Massy
Bus opéra - JM Molina Mairie de Massy

Beyond the Opera House walls

The Opéra de Massy is closely involved with community life and renews its Bus Opera campaign year after year, reaching out to local residents and the public at large in order to promote the art among them. For an added touch of originality, during the operation a school bus travels the streets of the town to transport people wishing to attend the performance.

An orchestra in residence

The Opera House has a resident orchestra founded in 1989 and conducted by Dominique Rouits. Every year, the orchestra performs fifty or so concerts as well as being involved in educational measures to promote musical awareness. 

Viva España, Opéra de Massy. Orchestre de Massy. Ellinor D'MELON violon, Constantin ROUITS
Viva España JM Molina Mairie de Massy

Spotlight on dance with the Julien Lestel troupe

Tous à l'opéra, Boléro Compagnie Julien Lestel. Danse sur le parvis de l'Opéra de Massy
Compagnie Julien Lestel - JM Molina Mairie de Massy

In residence at Massy since 2013, the eleven performers of the Julien Lestel dance troupe will move and delight you with a blend of neoclassical and modern styles.

Dream de Julien LESTEL, Danse JM molina Mairie de Massy
Dream de Julien Lestel - JM molina Mairie de Massy

Dream, a performance by the Julien Lestel troupe

Opéra de Massy

1 Place de France
91300 Massy

Tel. 01 60 13 13 13

Website : www.opera-massy.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/operamassy

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