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Mur de bustes, école polytechnique
Mur de bustes, école polytechnique - © Jérémy Barande

Mus'X, the museum of the Ecole Polytechnique

A leap in history

The Polytechnic School museum, Mus’x, immerses you in its rich collection of scientific and heritage objects. It presents the legacy of over 200 years of history and scientific discoveries.

Etudiants Ecole Polytechnique
Ecole Polytechnique - Alain Beguerie

The Polytechnic School

It is located in Palaiseau in the heart of the Saclay plateau. It has been training renowned engineers and scientists since its creation (Henri Poincaré, André Citroën, Alfred Dreyfus...)


With its rich scientific past, it now reveals all its secrets and collections through its museum, Mus'X.

Ecole polytechnique
Ecole polytechnique - Alain Beguerie
Bassin, école polytechnique
Bassin / Ecole Polytechnique - Alain Beguerie
Auguste Comte, philosopher, former student and teacher at the school

"To understand a science, it is necessary to know its history". 

Mus'x, museum of the Polytechnic School

Explore the history of the Polytechnic School through the permanent exhibition of the Mus'x museum.

Mus'x is an opportunity for you to admire a rich collection of objects tracing the history of the school since its creation in 1794.


In this museum, you can discover scientific works and encyclopaedias from the 18th century. You'll also see works of art by former students and incredible scientific instruments. Magny's microscope, Gay-Lussac's laboratory and the impressive collection of busts are among the museum's masterpieces.


Visitors will be amazed and curious!

Mus'X, musée de l'École Polytechnique, Mus'x Microscope de Magny
Musée de l'École Polytechnique, Mus'x - Jérémy Barande
musée de l'École Polytechnique, Instruments scientifiques
Mus'x - Jérémy Barande, Ecole Polytechnique
Musée de l'École Polytechnique
Mus'x - Jérémy Barande, Ecole Polytechnique

The permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition traces the history of science through several major themes.  For example, you'll learn more about measurement and mathematics, but also about electricity, magnetism, optics, etc. Don't hesitate to complete your visit with the current temporary exhibition.


In short, go and discover one of the most beautiful museums in the destination!

Mus'x and the Tour de Montlhéry

A photo of the Tour de Montlhéry is hidden at Mus'x! It reminds us of the work done by François Arago, Louis-Joseph Gay Lussac and Urbain le Verrier to calculate the speed of sound.


MUS'X Polytechnique

Route de Saclay
91120 Palaiseau

Tel. 01 69 33 35 64

Website : portail.polytechnique.edu/musx/fr