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Viaduc des Fauvettes, gometz-le-chatel, bures-sur-yvette
Viaduc des Fauvettes - Destination Paris-Saclay
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The viaduc des Fauvettes

An exceptional viewpoint

The Fauvettes viaduct is a must for hikers, cyclists and climbing enthusiasts. It offers an incredible panorama in a green setting.

The Véloscénie, the Charles Péguy trail and the Paris-Saclay Tour pass through this atypical place hidden in the middle of the forest. Climbers consider it to be “the highest cliff in Ile-de-France”.

Viaduc des Fauvettes, Gometz-le-châtel, bures-sur-yvette
Aerial view - JM Molina

The viaduc des Fauvettes, a panorama of the Yvette valley

The site offers a magnificent view of the Yvette valley and the communes of Bures-sur-Yvette and Gometz-le-Châtel. It is 221 metres long and reaches a height of 34 metres at the bottom of the valley. It straddles the Ru d'Angoulême and is accessible from both the bottom and the top of the valley.

A pleasant greenway

This bridge was built in 1913 to provide a rail link between Paris and Chartres via Gallardon. The construction of the line, which was a political decision, did not pay off, as the line was in operation for just 9 years. The line was unfinished and stopped at Massy. A few years later, all three viaducts on the line were bombed. The damage was significant, as one of the "Fauvettes" vaults was damaged. It wasn't repaired until 2004.

Today, hikers, climbing enthusiasts and cyclists following the Véloscénie stroll over this disused railway bridge.

Viaduc des Fauvettes, Gometz-le-châtel, bures-sur-yvette
Viaduc des Fauvettes - Destination Paris-Saclay

The Fauvettes viaduct, a major climbing spot

It has become a must for all climbing and caving enthusiasts and has established itself as one of the best spots in the area. With more than 100 routes and ratings from 3c to 7c, it’s a very versatile place which is open to everyone. 

Did you know?

Scenes from the TF1 series Falco and Joséphine Ange Gardien were filmed there. Would you like to discover other filming locations? Read our article on the filming locations in the Paris-Saclay agglomeration.


Viaduc des Fauvettes

Chemin de la Justice
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